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My name is vicky zwaan (26), the potter behind vocaz ceramics.

I am a maker focusing primarily on perfecting qualities of the hand within functional pottery. My work is intended to bring life into your home — to be a refresher in your cupboard and leave the mark of the human hand.

I love to see my ceramics being used and know the story behind it. I dream up these items when I’m living my day-to-day life. When my spoon is laying bare on the counter or when I taste the butter in my fridge and it tastes like the food its sitting next too. In these moments I dream up these objects for my own and at the same time I imagine others might also need one or some.  

My brand name vocaz ceramics is made up from my full name. when I had my first pottery course in 2010, we had to put our initials at the bottom of our pots and vocaz was mine. As you can see I stuck with it. I took up two beginners courses but after that I continued my own way. I got serious about it from 2016 onwards when I started going to the art academy in Breda (The Netherlands). Five years later we are in present day. I live in Antwerp (BELGIUM) now with my partner. I turned our bedroom into a mini home studio. The space I have now is fine for this next year but I have hopes for upgrading in 2022.

While I started this business it’s still a learning process so with time it will be improving where things can be improved. 


2012-2016 Photography, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

2016-2020 Fine Art, St. Joost Breda 

Exchange: LUCA Ghent, Glass and Ceramics Department 


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